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A retro mini fridge is an appliance that is both practical and decorative. Whether your goal is to use it in a home bar or in your bedroom, a vintage/unique mini fridge is a worthwhile investment.

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Whether it’s at sport or the cinema everyone loves a hot dog: over 7 billion are eaten by Americans each summer. Fast, tasty and convenient, you can now get the same taste at home.

Smoothies have always been popular among health-conscious individuals, but virtually any home can benefit from a smoothie maker. If you are struggling with innovative ways to get your five a day…

Walk-in tubs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Once seen purely as a functional alternative to a regular tub for older people they now boast leading design and features.

If you heat water on a regular basis to make hot beverages or instant foods, but do not want to use a noisy microwave or wait for your stovetop to heat up, an electric kettle is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

There is a broad range of air mattresses on today’s market, and each one is a bit different. You may be looking for this type of product because you have frequent houseguests who must be kept comfortable during their visits.

If you are like most people, mornings in your home are one of the busiest times of the day. You probably get out of bed thinking about all the tasks that must be completed and want to get a quick start.

Would you think badly of us if we said that some of our best memories include shot glasses? Before you do, think about how many great nights out you’ve had where, somewhere in the evening, shots have come out.

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World’s Most Expensive Tequila “Ley Diamante”

World’s Most Expensive Tequila “Ley Diamante”

Tequila is a frequently misunderstood drink. For many, tequila is a drink only served in shot glasses with a saltshaker and a wedge of lime, and for some perhaps most associated with the effects they feel the next day. However, for those really in the know tequila is a drink as sophisticated as any wine…

Storage trunk with books on top

Storage Trunks – Form over Function

For those not blessed with a home the size of Buckingham Palace, there is one problem that seems to face many people; storage space. And even then, larger homes may still not possess all the space they need to stash away all of those things we seem to acquire over the years. Where does it…

Kitchen appliances

27 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are essential for any person that enjoys cooking healthy food. With so many options is difficult to choose the best items. That’s why we hired Minuca Elena to reach out to 27 food bloggers and asked them: What are your top three favorite kitchen appliances for healthy cooking? We received a variety of…

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