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Storage Trunks – Form over Function

For those not blessed with a home the size of Buckingham Palace, there is one problem that seems to face many people; storage space.

And even then, larger homes may still not possess all the space they need to stash away all of those things we seem to acquire over the years. Where does it all come from? Holiday souvenirs, gifts, mementos, endless documents and paperwork, toys, linen – the list goes on. It grows and grows, leaving you with the problem of where to put it all. Some things will have their place, either locked away securely or displayed proudly. There are items you are happy to lose in a yard sale or to Goodwill. Other bits and pieces can present more of a dilemma, however; you don’t want to get rid of them, either because they hold sentimental value or they might come in useful sometime in the future, but you don’t have anywhere to store them. You may have plenty of floor space, but your closets and cupboards are full. You need a solution that allows you to store all this stuff but adds something to your home.

Storage Trunks

Our homes reflect us as human beings and individuals. This is something that has developed over time, from the dwellings of our earliest ancestors, who, although their homes were almost entirely functional, began to adorn them with decoration. They put their own stamp on them, to distinguish their individuality.

Wooden vintage storage trunk

In the last couple of centuries, one way of marking ourselves out from the rest of the crowd, to make us appear interesting, was through travel. And travel required trunks. Once the journeys were done, the trunks, bearing the scars and bruises of worldwide travel by sea, land, and air, were often packed away in attics. Some, however, were put on display as proof of an interesting life. And this idea captures our imagination even today. Travel these days is far removed from what it once was – though not without its trials! – but it lacks the romance that we associate with travel in ages past. Likewise, modern suitcases and travel accessories no longer hold the same appeal as the battered cases of days gone by.

But whether we are well-traveled or not, we can still add that element of sophistication to our homes through our choices in interior design. There are so many different styles and designs when it comes to storage trunks. The term ‘spoiled for choice’ would not be out of place here.

It’s safe to say that, when it comes to our homes, there are as many different tastes in design and fashion as there are homes. And when you browse a website for storage trunks you are almost certain to spot something that appeals to you.

Practical and Beautiful

gold and blue painted storage trunk

Storage trunks don’t just provide a solution for packing away all that stuff. They look simply stunning, too. Whether you prefer clean lines and shiny metal, rustic wood, exotic or ethnic styles, or smooth fabric, there is something to suit your taste. You could choose another piece of furniture, such as an ottoman or sideboard. But these can be heavy and will take up much more space. Trunks are generally portable, enabling you to easily move them if necessary. Some come in sets, which look so attractive when stacked, as well as saving valuable space. Those with flat surfaces on top allow for extra creativity and individuality as you can add ornaments of your choice. There are even storage trunks that double as pieces of furniture, such as seats or coffee tables.

Whether in your bedroom or living room, the addition of storage trunks will greatly enhance the look you are aiming to achieve. Aztec, industrial, agricultural, oriental, or contemporary – all these designs and more are available to you at affordable prices.

So all your storage problems could be solved when you choose from the impressive range of beautiful trunks out there. In addition to this, you will enhance your home, adding style, and a touch of class. As well as having extra storage, you will be sure to find something that will complement the individual look of that special place you call home.

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