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The 14 Best Shot Glasses in 2021

Would you think badly of us if we said that some of our best memories include shot glasses? Before you do, think about how many great nights out you’ve had where, somewhere in the evening, shots have come out. And have you ever seen a movie or TV scene where the hero, in the heights of joy or the depths of despair, reaches for a BPA-free bottle of kale smoothie? No, they punctuate the moment with swift slug of their shot of choice.

Whether it’s as an aperitif or digestif, a chaser you down in one or a sipping liquor, shots, and the glasses that contain them, are a part of our culture. And if you are going to have a shot, you should make sure it’s from a glass that’s worthy of the memories that will long outlast any effects you might suffer the next morning.

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Quaffer Shot Glasses: QUAFFER Double Bubble Set

The Quaffer Double Bubble glasses have a shape that makes the glass both memorable and useful for measuring layered drinks at a time that precise measurement might not be at the top of your mind.

The concept is that a chaser can be poured into the lower 2¼ oz chamber, while a liquor, which is less dense, can be layered in the upper 1¼ oz chamber. This means the glass contains, and delivers, a shot and chaser in a single container.


Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses: Milliard 6 Pack Premium Himalayan Salt

The Himalayan salt glasses are probably the only shot glasses you are meant to consume — eventually. Hand-carved from a block of salt these shot glasses feel surprising robust, almost like stone. However, being salt, the flavor gradually transfers to your drink and lips. If nothing else, it makes for an efficient tequila slammer technique!

The glasses feature a natural, pink, marbled look. Because they are salt, they are more for quick shots — leave a drink in there too long and the glass will start dissolving — but with care they will last over 100 uses.


Tall Shot Glasses: Fiesta Brands 2 oz Heavy Base Set

Sometimes, you just need a shot glass to be a shot glass, so you can focus on the drink inside and the memories you are making. These tall glasses are just what you would expect. Tall and elegant with no distractions, they hold your drink until you need it.

With a 2 oz capacity, they can hold a larger drink and are perfectly suited for drinks that you might want to savor or use for toasts after a meal.


Mason Jar Shot Glasses: Protocol Mason Jar Set

Thanks to sites like Instagram and Etsy about the only thing you never see Mason jars doing is storing food. It was inevitable there would be Mason jar shot glasses.

These are robust, 2 oz, shot glasses in a Mason jar style. And just to make sure no-one mistakes them for a small Mason jar, they have ‘Cheers’ embossed on the side!


1 oz Shot Glasses: Adouiry 1-Oz Heavy Base Set

Arguably the best shot size, enough to feel it, but not too much to knock you off your feet, these Adouiry 1 oz shot glasses are classics.

With a heavy base to keep them upright (because at least something should stay upright) the glasses taper out to a smoothly rounded rim for a comfortable drinking experience. Whatever your shot of choice is, these offer the classic way to enjoy it.


Shot Glasses With Handles: Arcoroc Islande 55ml (Pack of 12)

A taller shot glass with a handle. These glasses add a touch of class to your shot drinking. They also give you the opportunity to assess the culture of your friends by checking whether they hold their little finger our while drinking.

Manufactured by Arcoroc, one of the world’s leading glass brands, the Islande handled shot glasses are commercial quality. Each glass holds 2 oz of liquor, and the narrow design means it’s best for those drinks that you sip, like an ice-cold limoncello.


Copper Shot Glasses: Moscow Mule Set

Best for any drink that is best served ice-cold, like vodka, these copper shot glasses will immediately attract condensation which, if the drink is cold enough, will form a layer of ice.

Attractive and unique, each is handcrafted, these stand out as a little bit different when most competitors are just made of glass. The ‘glasses’ are sturdy and stackable. The only drawback is that because they are copper, they are not dishwasher safe.


Tequila Shot Glasses: Cactus Party Set

With a Mexican theme, it would be disrespectful to drink anything but tequila from these glasses. These are high quality tall shot glasses, with a solid base (so sturdy enough for those slammers) with each glass bearing a cactus design to evoke the home of Tequila.

Although the glasses themselves are high quality, the print can wear off after repeated dishwashing, so they are hand-wash only. However, if you want to add even more fun to your evening then the quirky designs on these glasses will bring a smile to everyone’s face.


12-Gauge Shot Glasses: Old Southern Brass 12-Gauge

They are shot-gun shells, for shots? 12-gauge shot-gun shells, shot-gun shells. Admittedly, it’s a dad-joke of a shot glass, but whether it makes you laugh or groan, who doesn’t like a dad joke?

Made from high-grade plastic, these glasses hold 2 oz and are safe and durable. Part of the profits also go to the Wounded Warrior Project, so you are doing a little bit of good for the world, even if your liver disagrees.


Vodka Shot Glasses: Rompak Heavy Bottom Set

These are no-nonsense shot glasses, perhaps reflecting the no-nonsense nature of vodka. A Russian staple — they are among the world’s biggest consumers of alcohol and in the nineteenth century vodka taxes were 40% of the Russian government’s revenue — drinking vodka should be a serious business.

These glasses each hold 1 oz and have a simple, but effective, design. A heavy bottom keeps the glass stable, while the tapered design makes it stackable. And coming in boxes of 24 you don’t need to worry too much about the occasional vodka-induced breakage.


Crystal Shot Glasses: Godinger Dublin Crystal Set

When most shot glasses are largely functional, these set themselves apart as decorative glasses in their own right. Made from lead crystal, the delicate etchings catch the light beautifully, and they have a heavy, solid feel in the hand.

The glasses are versatile as well as attractive. While the lead crystal might demand more formality than most shots, the 2 oz capacity means they are suitable for shots and larger measures.


Funny Shot Glasses: Wild Eye Prescription Shot Glasses

If you like your shot glass humor a bit less subtle than a dad joke, then the Wild Eye shot glasses might be more your style. Designed to look like prescription bottles, each glass has a mock prescription label. Only on closer inspection can you see that the prescription is for alcohol.

Unlike Churchill (who had alcohol medically prescribed when he made a prohibition-era visit to America), you can fill these with any easily available-liquor in doses of us to 2½ oz. Unlike most novelty shot glasses these are made of glass with the fake label screen printed on, creating a high-quality shot glass in its own right.


Genuine Bullet Shot Glass: 308 Calliber Bullet (Hand Embedded)

Few people have downed a shot feeling that what was really missing was a bullet embedded in the shot glass. However, at least one person has, and the result is the Lucky Shot glass. This glass features a genuine bullet embedded in the side of the glass, whether anyone truly believes your tequila stopped a bullet is doubtful, but it’s certainly a talking point.

The glass protects contents from any contamination, although the protruding bullet does mean it’s hand-wash only, and because it’s by design the bullet doesn’t affect the glasses 1½ oz capacity.


Plastic Shot Glasses: Metallic Rose Gold Rim Set

If you need a lot of shots, hopefully for a party and not just yourself, then you might prefer plastic shot glasses. As well as being cheap and plentiful these glasses remove any fear of breakages. The glasses feature a metallic strip to add a touch of class.

The glasses are also reusable, so you aren’t contributing to pollution with single-use plastic and stackable, so they can be easily stored away for the next party.


Shot Glass Standards

For many people a glass is a glass. But aficionados will know there are different types of shot glass and many will have a preference depending on the drink they contain.

Standard Glasses

The one everyone knows, a thick base and big enough to hold a shot.

Tall Glasses

Like a standard glass with a thick base, but taller and thinner, they may not even hold as much as a standard glass. The tall shape has advantages for some drinks, with less liquid exposed to the air drinks they are useful for flaming drinks, like sambuca, since the alcohol burns off at a slower rate.

Pony Shot Glasses

Shorter and wider these usually only hold a single shot. They are usually used for measuring components for cocktails, but some places may also serve shots in them.

Fluted Glass

These feature a taper, making the rim wider, while having decorative fluting at the base. These originated in America for serving high-quality whiskey.

The Cheater’s Glass

Shots are not for everyone. And if you are one of those people who prefer to avoid shots this is the glass for you. While it has the appearance of a standard shot glass closer inspection will reveal that it has a significantly larger base, making the overall volume much smaller.

It might be cheating, but it might also be the best way to make sure you remember the night!



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