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The Best Hot Dog Toasters of 2021

Whether it’s at sport or the cinema everyone loves a hot dog: over 7 billion are eaten by Americans each summer. Fast, tasty and convenient, you can now get the same taste at home with a hot dog toaster, so you can make them whenever you want, exactly how you want. Heating the dog and toasting the bun, all they won’t do is squeeze the mustard!

Below are our picks from the most popular models you can get:

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Elite Gourmet 4 Buns hot dog toaster

Capacity: 4 Buns
Colors: Black, Red

Nostalgia Retro Pop-up hot dog toaster


Nostalgia Retro Pop-up

Capacity: 4 Buns
Colors: Aqua, Red

Elite Gourmet Americana Retro

Capacity: 2 Buns
Colors: Aqua, Red

 Nostalgia Coca-Cola 2 Buns hot dog toaster

Capacity: 2 Buns
Colors: Red

Salton Treats 2 Buns hot dog toaster

Capacity: 2 Buns
Colors: Red

Nostalgia Pop-up 2 Buns retro hot dog toaster

Capacity: 2 Buns
Colors: Aqua Chrome

Nostalgia Retro Series Pop-up 2  Buns

Capacity: 2 Buns
Colors: Aqua, Red

The Candery Hot Dog Roller

Capacity: 6 Hot Dogs
Colors: Red

Full Reviews

Here are our full reviews of the most popular and top rated hot dog toasters currently on the market.

Elite Gourmet 4 Buns

With five rollers, this hot dog toaster toaster can cook four hot dogs evenly, while the integrated oven can heat the buns so everything is done to perfection. The oven has a timer, so you can start the oven and wait until the bell lets you know your hot dogs are ready. The device has a removable oven tray and a drip tray sits under the rollers so it’s easy to clean, while an integrated lid helps keep it spotless and ready for action when not in use.

  • The oven heats buns perfectly.
  • Easy to clean with removable trays.
  • The oven can do only two buns if you cut them open for toasting.
  • The heating element is at the rear, so you might need to move your dogs to ensure they are all cooked simultaneously.


With a separate bun warmer and rollers this cooks hot dogs and warms buns to perfection. It can be a tight squeeze for the buns, but this model ticks all the boxes whatever your needs.


Nostalgia Retro Pop-up 4 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster (Editor’s Pick)

With a traditional toaster style, this Nostalgia pop-up takes up to four hot dogs and buns at the same time. An adjustable dial means that you can set it to your ideal level and, when it’s ready, your hot dogs and buns pop out. If you can’t resist checking there’s a stop button so you can pop the dogs out at any time for a quick look.
Unlike most hot dog toasters this boasts an aluminum, rather than a plastic, case. This adds to the retro style so it’s an attractive addition to your kitchen.

  • Great retro looks.
  • Easy to use and, once you are familiar with the timings, quick to produce the perfect hot dog.
  • The device is essentially a toaster and because it cooks everything together you might find your buns over-done or your dogs under-cooked if you don’t swap them around.


With attractive styling and a four hot dog capacity this Nostalgia model is perfect for families or just anyone who wants a great looking hot dog toaster. It’s also a great additon to a retro mini fridge.


Elite Gourmet Americana Retro Pop-up

Available in retro red or aqua, the Elite Gourmet Americana has great retro looks. Able to take two hot dogs and two buns it is easy and convenient. The heat setting is adjustable, so you can cook your hot dogs perfectly, while a crumb tray makes cleaning a breeze. Power cord storage makes it quick to stow the Americana away, and hides the unsightly power cable if you leave it out between uses.

  • Great looks that make an attractive addition to any countertop.
  • Easy to clean with removable tray and helps avoid the splatter from other forms of cooking.
  • Uses a single toaster element, so most people will need to swap dogs and buns to get them to their desired browning.
  • Only takes two hot dogs and buns.


This is another attractive hot dog toaster. Its smaller capacity means it’s great for those households with only one or two hot dog fans, while its great looks mean you won’t mind it being left out if you aren’t using it regularly.


Nostalgia Coca-Cola Pop-up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Research has shown that the Coca-Cola logo improves perceptions of taste. Although the research wasn’t conducted with hot dogs, it can’t hurt to have the iconic red-and-white Coke script logo on the side of the hot dog toaster.

The Nostalgia Coca-Cola cooks two dogs and warms two buns. With adjustable settings and a stop button you can make sure your hot dogs are done exactly right, while the removable tray and cage make cleaning even easier than cooking.

  • Fast and easy cooking.
  • Great looks and design mean it looks great when not in use.
  • Like all toaster-style hot dog cookers it can take some practice to get both the bun and dogs just right.
  • Skinnier hot dogs tend to fall through the cage into the toaster, while larger buns may be stuck.


While it’s a solid, beautiful device and can make great hot dogs, the Coca-Cola styling might not be for everyone.


Salton Treats Pop-up Hot Dog Toaster

The Salton Treats cooks two hot dogs and warms two buns. Coming with the usual toaster-style options this hot dog toaster features five cooking settings and a stop button, so your dogs and buns should just pop up when ready so you can lift them out ready to enjoy them.

Unlike most toaster-style devices it does not have a crumb tray, so cleaning may involve shaking it upside-down.

  • Easy to use, two-step operation.
  • Due to the lack of a crumb tray, it’s harder to clean than most similar devices


The Salton will make great hot dogs, like many others and is quick and easy to use. The fact it is a little harder to clean means that this model is best suited for the occasional hot dog eater.


Nostalgia Pop-up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

With a stylish aqua chrome finish this hot dog toaster takes all the usual features and puts them in a stylish design. Taking two hot dogs and buns the cooking time can be set using the LED-lighted dial. The removable hot dog cage and drip tray make cleaning a cinch.

This toaster sets itself out with its stylish good looks, with the retro finish and chrome details complemented by the modern blue LED from the timer. This is a toaster that won’t look out of place in any kitchen.

  • All the usual easy-to-clean features in a stunning design.
  • Produces great results.
  • Great looking.
  • Some users have found that it cooks buns unevenly, although this can be avoided with careful bun placement.


Although some report uneven results, most owners rave about this Nostalgia model. It boasts great looks, with the retro design given a very 21st century touch with the blue LED in the timer control.


Nostalgia Large Coca-Cola Diner-Style Steamer

If you prefer your dogs steamed, giving them a slightly softer texture than toasting, or have a large family, this might be just what you are after. This steamer can cook 24 hot dogs while warming 12 buns.

The unit is simple to use, just fill with water (a gauge means you can always check the level) and turn it on while it heats the dogs in the steaming drawer. You can even use beer if you want to add a little flavor.

The hot dog steamer has the iconic Coca-Cola branding on the sides, making to give it that authentic feels.

  • You can use the steamer to cook anything, not just hot dogs.
  • The steaming drawer is enclosed, so it’s great for keeping flies off when cooking outdoors.
  • Incredibly easy to dissemble and clean.
  • Buns may get a little soggy this can be avoided by putting them in later and being careful of condensation when removing the lid.


The Nostalgia Steamer is a great oven. Steaming produces a softer hot dog and a slightly different flavor, but this is more than compensated by the versatility. Not only can this cook pretty much anything that can be steamed, by using things other than water you can add different flavors to your hot dogs and meats. Add in the huge capacity and this makes it a great way to get your hot dogs.


Nostalgia Retro Series Pop-up 2 Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

While also available in aqua, the metallic red really brings the retro style to this toaster. The Nostalgia cooks two dogs and warms two buns with ease. It features an adjustable timer too, so your dogs pop up when they are just right for you.

Maintenance is easy with the removable cage, drip tray and cord wrap.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Good looks, especially with the metallic red finish.
  • Lots of users report smoking in early uses which can affect the flavor, this can be avoided by running through some cooking cycles while empty.


The metallic red finish makes this a great-looking toaster and gives it a great retro 50s diner feel. Like many other models it’s easy to clean but takes a little practice to get the perfect hot dog.


The Candery Hot Dog Roller

The Candery has four long rollers, allowing it to cook six hot dogs at a time, or three longer hot dogs if that’s your preference. The stainless steel rollers are easy to clean while a removable drip tray catches.

The roller only has two settings, allowing you to cook dogs in about six minutes, while the lower setting can keep them warm. It also has a cover, so you can protect the hot dogs while cooking. It has a more commercial style than other toasters, so it might not fit into everyone’s kitchen, and does not warm buns.

  • Extra-long rollers mean this is versatile enough to cook any sausages and rolls.
  • Easy to use, just plug in and go.
  • Stainless steel rollers and the removable drip tray make it easy to clean.
  • The commercial looks might not be for everybody.
  • It can only cook on the rollers, if you want buns warming you will have to do these another way.


Focusing purely on cooking hot dogs the Candery brings commercial quality to your kitchen. The long rollers mean you aren’t limited by size as they cook everything with a perfect



How do hot dog cookers work?

This depends on the type. Toasters work in the same way as regular toasters, with elements that grill the hot dog and warm the bun. This should produce an all-round grilling but may require some timing since the same elements are heating both the dog and the bun. Roller-style toaster work in similar way, but rotate the hot dog, so it gets an even exposure to the heating element. Steamers are totally different and cook by heating a water reservoir to produce steam.

What type should I choose?

This is down to personal preference and the type of hot dog you like. Rollers will be the one most like those you see on concession stands, but the toaster style will produce something very similar and can be easier to clean. Steaming produces a softer hot dog, but it will miss some flavor you can get from other methods.

What size hot dogs can I cook?

Again, this varies. Toaster style cookers have a fixed width so it depends on the cage, with thinner dogs falling through while thicker dogs won’t fit at all. If you cook different sizes, or have a preference at either end of the size spectrum, then roller styles might be best.

How easy are the cookers to clean?

Most are easy to clean and feature a removal cage and drip or crumb tray. Because the food doesn’t touch the elements in toaster style devices nothing else will need cleaning. Roller-style devices need a bit more cleaning with the rollers needing some scrubbing.


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